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November 17, 2021
November 17, 2021
Posted on 11/17/2021

November 17, 2021

Carley Thiry 

Marcus Plascencia 

Jayson O’Donohue

Simeon Dehn 

Hanan Dahir

Thomas Butler 

Today’s Fun Fact:  The oldest person ever to have lived, a French woman named Jeanne Louise Calment, was 122 years old when she died in 1997.

!MAC: MAC Scholars & College Bound will NOT meet today.

Asian Club: Happy Turkey Month! During the lunch hours this week, Asian Club will be holding a fundraiser for FriendsGiving!! Sold during lunches 4,5,6 on Thursday in front of the ticket booth. Pre order forms are due by Thursday. Send a friendsgiving goodie treat bag to one of your friends! Or even teachers! Show appreciation and gratitude from you to them!

D&D Club: The next D&D club meeting will be Tuesday, November 23rd from 3:15 to 5:30 and start in room 132.On top of a snow covered mountain your party stands in front of a massive set of double doors. The relief on the left depicts Bahamut, the Platinum Dragon, mouth agape and a lance of energy bursting forth in the direction of -

Tiamat, the Queen of Dragons, carved into the door on your right. Her five heads, one for each of the Chromatic Dragons, snap and breathe poison and fire toward her eternal rival.

And the whole image seems to flow, ever so slightly, like ripples of water moving in slow motion across the metal.

You dig around in your pack for something that might appease these dragons, something that can gain you entry into the Dragon Archives. One ally dons a mask, the Black Dragon Mask, and Tiamat’s black dragon head lights up in approval.

But that’s not the ally you want. You show Bahamut’s shape a handful of white dragon scales and tell it, out loud or in your mind, you’re not sure which, that you’ve come to stop the Evil Queen of Dragons’ return. Bahamut approves and the light emanating from its mouth grows in intensity and the left half of this double door opens just enough for you to make your way inside, toward the depths of the Dragon Archives. 

GSA: GSA will meet today after school in room 185. GSA is open to anyone who is in or wants to support the LGBTQIA+ community. 

Psych Club: The next Psych Club meeting will be on Monday, November 22, at 3:05 PM in Room 105. Please listen to episodes 1-3 of the Serial podcast before the meeting, and contact Mr. Wiskerchen if you have any questions.

Sources of Strength: If you are a member of Sources of Strength, this is a reminder of our monthly whole group meeting this Thursday. We will be meeting in the LMC during 3rd period. Please report to the LMC at that time and attendance will be taken. We look forward to seeing you!

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