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Preble football players in action


This site is an opportunity to provide an excellent avenue of communication for all those interested in Preble Athletics. As you spend time on this site please feel free to offer us your opinions on how this site can be improved.

Green Bay Preble High School is very proud of its activity offerings. Our goal is to make participation in an activity an enjoyable, rewarding and positive experience for all those involved.

The Preble Athletics Department takes great pride in providing an excellent experience. We offer competition that challenges our students to achieve excellence and to mature and develop as responsible individuals. Integrity, fairness and respect are lifetime values that are taught through athletics. With them the spirit of competition thrives.

The success of our activity programs at Preble High School shows us to be an institution that believes in and pursues excellence in our students – both inside the classroom and outside the classroom.

Communication is also paramount to the success of all our programs. This site offers opportunities to view schedules, results and avenues to connect to our activity department. Please take advantage of these opportunities and feel free to share this web site with others.

Congratulations to all our students and their parents and good luck to you on the upcoming school year.

Sincerely Yours,

Dan Retzki
Associate Principal/Director of Athletics and Activities
Green Bay Preble High School

“The Green Bay Area Public School District maintains an overall policy of assisting in the development of community groups and recognizes a broad spectrum of student groups. However, it does not necessarily endorse the views of groups whose materials are distributed or posted.” 

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Dan Retzki

Associate Principal/Director of Athletics and Activities
(920) 272-7046

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Athletics and Activities Calendar

Visit the Athletics and Activities calendar to view scheduled activities for Preble.

You can sign up to receive automatic text and e-mail notifications for schedule changes and reminders for those activities you want to track. 

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Need a Ride?

Is it difficult to have your child in after school activities because they need a ride home after? We can help! If students are out for after-school activities, and a free ride on a city bus would help them get home, all they need is their ID card.  Students can ride the city bus for free by showing their ID card. For additional information, please call Green Bay Metro at (920) 448-3450 or visit the website.

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